A local network for anyone involved in Christian Youth Work in Waltham Forest. Providing a space to encourage one another, chat, think, reflect and pray for one another. As part of the network we also offer training opportunities for volunteers and local youth work teams to receive expert training in areas that are relevant to Christian Youth Work.

On 28th February Aundrea held her first Youthworkers gathering.  Six Youthworkers met with her and Ann over a late breakfast.  Aundrea encouraged those present that we are  here to support them as best we can, but acknowledged that there are limitations to how much WFYFC are able to do so, thinking of her work hours.  One important topic of discussion was the gap between young people and older people.  We looked at the fact that everyone was young once and therefore had an understanding of what it was like to go through the changes that young people experience.  We concluded that today’s young people have far more ‘hidden’ challenges that are not obvious such as the dominance of social media and the effect it has on individuals.  Ann Dunn

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