We work with local churches to assist them with their outreach and discipleship of young people. 

We run tailor-made training for church youth work teams helping them to review their ministry and learn the basics of how to effectively work with young people.


We help churches run faith exploration series such as Youth Alpha or Christianity Explored and follow on discipleship courses such as Freedom in Christ.


We are always looking for ways of helping churches expand their youth work and aim to help local churches build positive links with one another.


An event we did last year was called ‘Ultrasound’ where 200 young people and their church youth leaders gathered together for an evening of entertainment and to hear testimonies from relevant Christian artists who shared about how their faith has encouraged them in their lives.


Our hope is that in the future we will be able to bring Christian young people from across the borough together for regular prayer and praise events.  

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149 Canterbury Road


London E10 6EH

Tel: 020 8518 7707

Charity Registration Number 1152939

Company Registration Number 08499311